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 "Nepotism Works!"

Best Shot Digital Flower Images

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All images are in an edition of 8 with 1 artist’s proof
All images to be signed and numbered by the artist


Also, follow this link to: Donald S. Weiss Photographs was opened in November 2008 at 3664A Broadway, in the apartment house he owns at 555 West 151st Street, New York City (

Mr. Weiss opened the Sugar Hill Art Center ( It was a major project with four retail galleries, two internal galleries and a 14,000 sqaure foot Roof Garden- Sculpture Park. Not knowing that the timing would be terrible, the Art Center had been planned since the Summer of 2000, that could not be changed because of the many Broadway theater tickets that were purhased for the guests for the evening before the grand opening on October 12, 2001. Mr. Bin Laden apparently did not want people to travel to Harlem. The Art Center had some newspaper coverage, some siteseeing tour stops and a smattering of customers. Within a year the entire Art Center was closed, although the Roof Garden-Sculpture Park remains intact.

The monumental sculpture by Pollès, Nathanael ( was originally installed when the Art Center opened. The scultpture is 5 tons of marble aquired from the same quarry in Carerra, Italy where Michaelangelo got the marble for the David. It took Pollès 5 years to craft this masterpiece and it was delivered by plane from Italy after September 11th to allow it to arrive in time for the Art Center's opening. It has been speculated by a critic that the phallus of Nathenael, is in fact, the first artistic representation of the anti-space created by Leonardo da Vinci in his painting The Last Supper where the image of Christ is leaning to his left and the disciple on his right leaning to his right, creating a "V", which became known as the symbol of femininity.

When the Art Center closed, the sculpture was boxed and put into storage in the Bronx, NY. In August of 2008 it was installed in front of Mr. Weiss' house in Los Angeles with a gala 60th birthday party for Mr. Weiss. In October, 2008 it was re-delivered to New York for installation in the then vacant store which was the original setting for Nathanel. This space in 2001 was configured to support the 5 ton sculpture.

The sculpture was to be the focal point of the Sugar Hill Art Center ( to hopefully bring people to Harlem to look at the beautiful architecture and brownstone blocks and start a discussion of how the NYC rent stabilization law ostensibly prevents change (

The sculpture was sold by Pollès for philosophical not financial reasons, and it was Pollès' quintessential piece of art that was located on the grounds at his foundry outside of Pietrasanta, Italy.

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Mr. Weiss is a photographer and about 2 years before the gallery re-opening he put up a large series of images titled "Italy 505" on the website ( - The First Show

In June 2009 Mr. Weiss opended The first show at was tittled "Selections from a Private Collection". The show included photographs by Donald Weiss, and the unplanned lithographic progression by Picasso including his only dual lithograph. (To see full information regarding Picasso's lithographs, please click here or click on images below).

In addition to Donald Weiss' photographs and Picasso's lithographs, the first show also included extensive representation of works by the Israeli-French artist Moreno Pincas.

Great artists have created their own new style of painting that endurs time. Internationally shown and recognized, Pincas has always been fascinated with people and places and how to put his rememberances and imagination on cancas. - The Second Show

The second show held at was titled "Times They are a Changin". It included best shot images created by Mr. Weiss of approximately 60 famous, rich, and politically involved people who he had hoped would be able to review his ideas.

This show was inspired with the hope of garnering the attention regarding his ideas of Community Living Centers & CLC - Home Units, ( of any of the people included.

Each image is to be produced in a series of 3 with 1 artist's proof. They are digitally printed, 12" x 18" and the first image in the series is on a white foam board. Each is signed, dated and numbered by the artist.

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"Times They are a Changin"
By Donald S. Weiss

Michele Obama

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